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The Game Of Boxes

You're currently we're just getting everything set up. As soon as we're ready you'll receive an email with all the details you need to join the community. 

In the meantime you have our bonus content Imagine Being Able To Imagine to get you started on this wonderful and unusual journey with us.

All you need to do is watch this first video and take it from there... 

Video 1: The Five Challenges For Our Imagination

After you have watched our short introductory video watch this video next. 

Video  2: A Guided Journey

Once you've watched our video The Five Challenges For Our Imagination find a quiet space and allow Runa to take you on a journey to practice developing your imagination. 

Imagine Being Able To Imagine: Your Workbook

Here is your workbook to accompany Video 2, which takes you through a process to practice building your imagination muscle and your ability to transport yourself. 

To access  the workbook Click Here or on the image. 

Once you've watched both videos and filled out the workbook listen to Video 2 on a regular basis as a preparation for The Game Of Boxes

See below for how long it is until we start the game!

The Game Og Boxes Begins in...


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