The Money Box Game

Shift Your Money Mindset & Expand Your Dreams

Not Sure If You Need To Improve Your Money Mindset?

The next Money Box Game started on the 1st of April 2025!

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Listen to Kristi talking about playing The Money Box Game multiple times and her new and powerful insights

Some Signs and Symptoms you need to improve your Money Mindset

  • Avoidance of Financial Planning: If you avoid budgeting, saving, or investing because it feels overwhelming or unimportant, it may signal a need to work on your money mindset.
  • Constant Worry About Finances: If you frequently stress about money, regardless of your financial situation, it could indicate a negative money mindset.
  • Living Paycheque to Paycheque: Struggling to make ends meet despite having a steady income suggests a lack of financial management skills or a scarcity mindset.
  • Unable to Accept or Ask For Money: This may indicate issues around self-worth, fear of rejection or a misunderstanding about money and its purpose.
  • An Overdraft or Debt Feels Like Home: If being in a permanent overdraft or debt feels normal, your unhelpful money mindset has trapped you.
  • Impulsive Spending Habits: Making spontaneous purchases without considering long-term financial goals can indicate a lack of financial discipline, awareness or escapism.
  • Comparison with Others: Constantly comparing your financial status to others and feeling inadequate or envious suggests a mindset focused on external validation or competition.
  • Fear of Failure or Taking Risks: Avoiding opportunities for entrepreneurship or financial growth due to fear of failure indicates a mindset constrained by fear and self-doubt.
  • Negative Associations with Wealth: Viewing money as inherently evil or associating wealth with negative traits can lead to self-sabotage in financial matters.
  • Ignoring Debt: Ignoring or denying the existence of debt rather than actively seeking solutions to pay it off suggests a lack of accountability and financial awareness.
  • Difficulty Discussing Money: Feeling uncomfortable or avoiding conversations about money with friends, family may indicate underlying beliefs or emotions surrounding finances.
  • Limited Financial Goals: Lacking clear financial goals or aspirations beyond immediate needs can signify a lack of vision or ambition in managing money.
  • Self-Imposed Limitations: Setting arbitrary limits on earning potential or believing that wealth is unattainable for oneself can hinder financial growth.
  • Overemphasis on Material Possessions: Prioritising material possessions or markers of success over financial security and long-term wealth building can indicate misplaced priorities.
  • Blaming External Factors: Constantly attributing financial difficulties to external circumstances without taking responsibility or seeking solutions reflects a victim mentality.
  • Resistance to Change: Feeling resistant or apprehensive about making changes to improve financial habits or beliefs can indicate a fixed mindset that resists growth and adaptation.

Introducing The Money Box Game

Explore, Challenge and Break Free From Your Negative Beliefs.

Play for 21-Days within a friendly, fun and empowering community.

The Money Box Game has been designed to effortlessly work on the unconscious money programs that have been limiting you till today. 

Join the Money Box Game in April 2025 for only $95. Including all live calls and support sessions. Have Fun AND Break Free from old Negative Beliefs about money, wealth and so much more!

Imagine having conversations about wealth and money that are stress-free and really fun. And that's not all.

Imagine this ... 

  • Feeling excited when you think about money.
  • Experiencing a sense of abundance like never before. 
  • Discovering a special side of you that you didn’t know existed.
  • Clearing your deep blocks around your promise and potential.
  • Getting to know those close to you in a deeper and more profound way.
  • Knowing what really important and matters to you in life. 
  • Clearing your deep blocks around accepting and deserving abundance.

What Others Say about The Money Box Game


What I found most interesting was that I feel my thirst for more money has diminished with this ???? and now I have  a clearer vision of what matters to me.

Birna Dröfn Birgisdóttir


I found the Money Box Game incredible powerful in expanding my own programme around money and in getting rid of old programmes around money that are not healthy for me or suit me in my own life. I highly recommend playing this game.

Hlíf Sturludóttir



Amazing experience of expansion, fun and community. Daily living became much less stressed and I now see money as a real game and not something to control or to worry about. 

Yvonne Halling

Bed and Breakfast Coach

When you sign up to The Money Box Game, all of this is included… 

  • Your personal place on The Money Box Game starting 1st of April 2025
  • 21 Days of Interactive Play and Support
  • Play & Connect with fascinating people from around the world
  • Downloadable Interactive Playbook & Materials
  • Access to The Money Box Game Closed Community
  • Live Support Sessions
  • Recording of the Live Sessions
  • A Truly Life-Changing Experience 

How You Play The Money Box Game

The Game is played over 21 Days within a Closed Community.

On day 1 each participant is given $100 of imaginary money to spend on something  imaginary. All you have to do is report back within the Group what you've spent the imaginary money on.

The next day the money is doubled and again you have to report back your imaginary spending.  This doubling continues until the game finishes on Day 21 with over 104 million dollars to spend in a single day.

Very quickly you'll start to recognise and identify what matters to you and the Money Blocks you have due to your Social Conditioning - and then the magic starts to happen. 

As you spend each day - in this imaginary world - your deep beliefs and patterns start to change.  You'll start to know and understand yourself in a new way. You'll bond with those around you,  become comfortable with abundance and know that you're worthy to receive.

We encourage you to play The Money Box Game with partners, family, friends and co-workers. 

Each week there is a live group call with extra support and input from the co-creators of The No More Boxes Movement -  Rúna Magnúsdóttir and Nicholas Haines.

gido schimanski

Personal Impact Coach, Germany 

The Money Box Game Is something I'd COMMEND anyone to play.

Runa and Nick both have a unique talent of getting you out of your self constructed boxes and into your power. I trust each one of them profoundly and when I heard that they are creating a program together, it was an absolute no brainer for me to jump in.

As expected with these two, The Money Box Game is fun, mind blowing, box shattering and I clearly remember the moment I expanded past my usual mindset around money and into a new thinking of “what else is possible?”.

The Money Box Game something I'd commend anyone to play.

Join the Money Box Game in April 2025 for only $95. Including all live calls and support sessions. Have Fun AND Break Free from old Negative Beliefs!


You missed out!

I've Played The Money Box Game

The Money Box game has made me think really hard about my relationship with money, and what I want to exchange my money for.

It has touched on values, responsibility, solutions to the world's problems and so much more. Highly recommend it for anybody who has ever had hang-ups about money (or the lack of it) or who is simply curious to know more about themselves and their money story. 

Thank you Nick and Runa

Sue Daly

This is your time. This is our time.

How many times have you tried to deal with your deep-seated negative beliefs about money only for them to resurface in a new way? 

The Money Box Game has been thoughtfully designed with scientific research behind it to unearth the  social conditioning, limiting beliefs and old patterns that are standing in the way.

The 5 Reasons The Money Box Game Creates Positive Change!

1. The Money Box Game encourages positive & Different conversations.

Previous participants reported that they were able to have better conversations about things like money and purpose with their partner and family members due to the game.

They also reported they got to know their partner better in terms of what mattered to them.

This is important as a third of adults with partners report that money is a big source of conflict in their relationships, a leading cause of divorce/separation

2. We're rewiring your brain for wealth, health and happiness.

Studies have shown that our unconscious mind doesn't know the difference between real and imaginary, which is why our heart rate and perspiration increase when we watch a horror movie. Playing this positive imaginary game over 21 days will start to rewire your brain, reduce stress and expand what you perceive is possible for you in terms of wealth


The Money Box Game stimulates the release of serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones help us bond, invoke trust and lift our mood, and as the game progresses create positive associations with helping others and cooperation.

The game is also designed to be fun and reduce our stress about money or other  issues and in doing so decreases the stress hormones adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine all of which improve immune response and our mental and physical health.

4.  The Money Box Game improves our self-worth and Our relationship with money.

By interacting with other people who are spending large amounts of money, it starts to feel normal to be wealthy and rich and so we release self-limiting beliefs.

You also get to experiment being a certain way. It's like trying on a new outfit and seeing if it suits you! The Money Box Game is about breaking you free from your social conditioning to discover who you really are and what matters to you. 

5. Expanding our horizons and what we perceive to be possible.

According to self-expansion theory, one benefit of relationships is that we can gain new knowledge and experiences by spending time with someone else.

Research has shown that people are more likely to see self-expansion opportunities when interacting with someone who is similar, rather than dissimilar, to them. Sharing a common goal within The Money Box Game increases each individual's self-expansion and confidence. 

"Your thoughts are the language of your mind!
Your feelings are the language of your body" 

Dr Joe Dispenza

Your Hosts & The Creators of The Money Box Game

Hi, we are Rúna & Nick the co-creators of the #NoMoreBoxes Movement & The Money Box Game

We created The Money Box Game to create a safe, joyous space for the Global Community to come together, play a game that expands, challenges and changes our old programs and beliefs.

Nicholas Haines

Nicholas Haines, founder of the Five Institute, creator of The Vitality Test and co-creator #NoMoreBoxes Movement. 

An entrepreneur, international speaker, author, strategist and teacher. Over the last 44 years, Nick has conducted over 50,000 one on one consultations, worked with large corporations like Cisco, NHS hospitals, educational institutes and international governments. 

Rúna Magnús

Rúna Magnúsdóttir, founder The Change Makers co-creator #NoMoreBoxes Movement.  

Rúna is a lifetime entrepreneur, a life and leadership coach-mentor and a strategist for leaders, change-makers and politicians. Building their personal brand with joy, integrity and passion, enabling them to make a real difference in their world.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you participate in the game fully and don't think we have shared valuable insights, or The Money Box Game has changed you in any way, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No questions asked!

We've Played The Money Box Game Too!


Playing The Money Box Game has helped me to realise what I value and how I would like to spend money improving the world yet it has also highlighted to me a number of behaviours/patterns that I fall into.

Teresa Allewell



I found The Money Box Game a game changer, you learn so much about yourself and how you show up in the world and how you want to change your world and the lives of others. 

Misti Bliss



Interestingly for the first time in years I am now debt free having paid my final chunk off my credit card, and had the busiest month in clinic for a long while during this strange year and times! Thank you thank you thank you xxx

Christie Petrucha-Rourke

Yoga Teacher

Join the next The Money Box Game for only $95. 

Not sure if The Money Box Game is right for you?

The Money Box Game is ideal for you if… 

  • You are ready to change your relationship with money
  • Limiting beliefs are holding you back
  • You can’t get, hold onto or feel comfortable with lots of money
  • You give to others but struggle to accept what you deserve
  • You speak or understand English at a reasonable level

What Others Say & Having Fun Along The Way


The Money Box Game gave me the freedom and ability to see all the endless opportunities without hindrance.

Ægir Ingólfsson



The playing that I have done has helped me to realise what I value and how I would like to spend money improving the world yet it has also highlighted to me a number of behaviours/patterns that I fall into.

Teresa Allewell



The Money Box Game is a simple, powerful way to see, feel and shift your attitudes about money. In a nutshell, it's perfect for where we are now and where we're most likely headed. Highly recommended.

Matthew Newnham

Branding Expert

Here’s a recap of everything included when playing The Money Box Game

  • Your personal place on The Money Box Game started 1st of April 2025
  • 21 Days of Interactive Play and Support
  • Play & Connect with fascinating people from around the world
  • Downloadable Interactive Playbook & Materials
  • Access to The Money Box Game closed Community
  • Live Support Sessions
  • Recording of the Live Sessions
  • A Life-Changing Experience 

The Money Box Game FAQ

Q: Can I play The Money Box Game in my language?


Although the content is in English you can share in your own language.

Q: Can I start to play The Money Box Game on any day?

We start playing on the 1st of April 2024 and the power is in a collective experience, so that's the day to start. Plus, we close the doors to new members on the 4th of April

Q: Can I play The Money Box Game alone?


You can play The Money Box Game alone, with a friend or family member, or perhaps as part of a team or group everything is OK. 

Remember though, even if you start playing The Money Box Game alone, you'll soon be connected with some amazing people! So alone doesn't really happen.

Q: Can I save my money while playing The Money Box Game?

Not exactly, but we have a twist, which we'll share as we start to play. 

The idea is to spend the money, that's how you learn and stretch. Just putting all the money into a savings account it too easy and won't get you thinking.  

So, no saving is allowed or buying shares/bonds or trust funds etc. If you want to secure your financial future there is a way, but you'll have to work that out.

Q: Can my community play The Money Box Game together?


The Money Box Game is an amazing way to bond and unite a team or community together around a common goal and experience. The Money Box Game brings out our common values, aims and aspirations as well as increasing conversations and communication. Plus, it's all achieved while playing a fun and different game.

Q: Is there a minimum age playing The Money Box Game?

No. We don't put people in Boxes. As long  as they are old enough to have a grasp about the concept of money and spending any age is OK. 

In previous Money Box Games we've had 100's of conversations around the dinner table about what each family member is spending their money on that day.  

The Money Box Game is an amazing bonding and getting to know you experience!

Q: Can I play The Money Box Game in my country?

The Money Box Game is played in a Private Community Group so it can be  played anywhere in the world.  

Q: Is The Money Box Game only for people with a great imagination?

No you don't have to have a great imagination.

The Money Box Game is designed to improve and increase your imagination, so it doesn't matter what your imagination is like to start with. 

Q: Will The Money Box Game make me rich?

That's a hard question to answer.

All the money we give you is imaginary and you're spending it on imaginary things so no real money exists with the game. However, The Money Box Game is designed to improve your relationship with money and being worthy to accept more wealth and abundance in your life, so previous players have experienced a difference in their wealth.  See Here

And The Money Box Game will enrich your life in so many other ways. 

Q: Who wins playing The Money Box Game?

You do, we all do and the world wins too. That's the power of #NoMoreBoxes!

Join The Money Box Game for only $95. Including all live calls and support sessions. 

The Money Box Game

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#NoMoreBoxes Movement

The Antidote To Division and Black & White Thinking